2024 Bluegrass Classic

Sponsors and Vendors


The Kentucky Border Collie Association announces
The Bluegrass Classic Stockdog Trial
Masterson Station Park in Lexington, Kentucky
May 15-19, 2024

Thank you to all the Team Sponsors of the 2024 Bluegrass Classic!

All open teams have been sponsored!

Sponsorships are available for $55-$75 each. Sponsors will be randomly assigned for $55, or sponsors may select a handler/dog team for $75.

Sponsor Opportunities

The Bluegrass Sheep Dog Trial is a non-profit event put on by the Kentucky Border Collie Association at Masterson Station Park in Lexington Kentucky. As a non-profit we make the event free to spectators and rely on entry fees, fund raising benefits and sponsors to keep this prestigious and historic trial operating. Download the Sponsor form or contact us directly about custom options that best suit your business.

Vendor Opportunities

The Bluegrass Classic is one of the longest running, most prestigious stock dog trials in the country and draws hundreds of competitors from across both the United States and Canada. Many of them are dog breeders, trainers, and livestock owners. Spectators, including older adults and families with children, come to dog-friendly Masterson Station Park (often with “Fido” in tow) to watch a fascinating partnership play out as handlers and their dogs work together and against the clock to move small groups of sheep around a challenging course.
Having vendors at this event benefits everyone. You add quality to our spectators’ experience, which is a “win” for spectators and the Bluegrass Classic! And, of course, you win because a) happy spectators buy merchandise, and b) you get to keep all income from your sales! You pay only for space, and that cost is the same as it has been for the past several years: $30 buys you a 12 ft x 12 ft area. Need more room? Just buy another space! We supply the grass and the spectators, and you provide the rest.

We distribute a free, printed program with information about the rules/scoring of the trial, diagrams of the course, and a daily running order of handlers/dogs. The program also has a single list of vendors onsite and information about our sponsors. You can increase your visibility in the program by purchasing an ad and/or becoming a sponsor, thereby driving more traffic to your booth. In addition, if you provide us with a short “script” about your business or product, we will read it over our public address system Friday through Sunday at no additional charge. We are also willing to promote your products by distributing any coupons or gift certificates that you provide to us.

For more information about ads or other sponsorship opportunities, please contact me. When you buy a vendor’s space, purchase an ad, or become a sponsor, you become a part of the team that works together to offer a very unique and memorable event to the public. Sheepdog trials are expensive to hold; nearly 500 sheep must be leased and transported to the site and qualified judges must be hired. The prospect of modest prize money for the top handler-dog teams each day, and the top finishers on Sunday’s final, helps guarantee that this event draws top-notch handlers and dogs, and that the competition, while always friendly, is spirited. That energy, coupled with the beauty of Lexington in May, makes the Bluegrass Classic a wonderful spectacle. I sincerely hope that you can be part of it.

To join us as a vendor at the Bluegrass Classic, simply complete the Vendor Contract, Then mail the contract and your check to KBCA c/o Nisi Staley, 57 Lockwood Place, Ft. Thomas, KY 41075

Call me if you have questions. I hope to see you there!
Nisi Staley
Ft. Thomas, KY