The Bluegrass Classic Sheep Dog Trial

May 15-19, 2024

The Bluegrass Sheep Dog Trial is a non-profit event put on by the Kentucky Border Collie Association at Masterson Station Park in Lexington Kentucky every May. This prestigious and historic trial is free to spectators to help keep the history and tradition alive for generations to come.

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Bluegrass Classic

New for 2024 the Bluegrass Classic will be offering 130 Open dog sponsorships. Sponsoring a handler and dog team is a special way to be part of the competition and have a team to cheer on. Sponsors can meet their dog and handler after their runs. All sponsors will be announced on Friday-Sunday each time the sponsored dog runs. In addition, sponsors will be listed on the Website and in the Trial Program. Click here to sponsor a team!

All teams have been sponsored! See the complete list here!

History of the Bluegrass Classic

The history of the Kentucky Border Collie Association is inseparable from the history of the Bluegrass Classic trial.  We know that the tradition of border collie trialing in central Kentucky goes back at least as far as 1960, as documented in a Texas newspaper article about a local handler named Weldon Harrell, who ran at the “American International Kentucky Blue Grass Championship Sheep Dog Trials, at Walnut Hall Farms, Donerail, Ky.” This newspaper was preserved by the heirs of the renowned handler Ray Parker, who won the trial five times between 1960 and 1969.  The trials were among the most famous in the country, and most longtime residents of Lexington can tell you that they remember the legendary “dog trials at Walnut Hall,” continuing annually through 1983. After being held at Walnut Hall Farm for many years, the Bluegrass Classic has been a favorite event at the Kentucky Horse Park, and then in Masterson Station Park since 1996.

The KBCA’s Bluegrass Classic has flourished since 1994, drawing in new handlers and finding its permanent home on the rolling hills of Masterson Station Park’s Ruffian Field.  Today, the Bluegrass Classic trial is recognized as the trial with the most entries in the nation, as the top stock dog event east of the Rocky Mountains, as the only Eastern trial that offers the tough challenge of Western range sheep, and as the trial that sets the standard for efficiency, hospitality, and sportsmanship.  The KBCA is proud to continue the tradition of sheepdog trials in the Bluegrass.

This event involves fabulous opportunities for photography involving dogs, sheep, people, and horses, all in the picturesque setting of Masterson Station Park. As a non-profit event, we offer free admission to all, and we appreciate all forms of publicity that will make the community aware of the opportunity to watch these wonderful dogs at work.

Families and spectators are invited to bring their own dogs. Bring lawn chairs or picnic blankets, and enjoy the outdoors! The event runs continuously from dawn until dusk and there are spectator raffles, silent auctions, lunchtime concessions, numerous vendors and cold drinks available.

The Classes


Open is a sanctioned class through the… Read More


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Open Ranch

The Open Ranch class shall consist of… Read More


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The Bluegrass Classic Sheepdog Trial is free to come and watch. On Saturday and Sunday there will be an announcer to provide commentary on what you are seeing on the field. Bring your lawn chairs and enjoy the shade under large tents. Food and shopping are avaialble on the grounds. Make a day of it for the whole family!

The Dogs

Sheepdogs are used by those responsible for flocks of sheep because they offer the safest and most efficient means of carefully moving sheep from one location to another. The sheep are not afraid of a well trained sheepdog.

Sheepdog trialling is all about demonstrating that handler and dog can achieve this tricky task. Points are gained by moving the sheep under control, in straight lines and with minimum excitement. The skill is in the handler and dog working together as a team.

The Sheep

The sheep used for the Bluegrass Classic Sheepdog Trial are western range sheep that have been brought in specifically for this trial. Because of this it provides a unique challenge for dog and handler, testing the skills of even the most experienced. 

These range ewes make the Bluegrass Classic a challenging, but fair test of skill while being exciting and educational for spectators to watch. 

What Drives Us

Our Mission

To continue the history and prestige of the Bluegrass Classic Sheepdog trial in Kentucky. To grow the sport through education, friendship and commraderie all while keeping the well-being of the dogs and livestock a priority. 

Get Involved

It takes a large number of people to put on the Bluegrass Classic, from set up to helping the trial run smoothly each day. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, click below to fill out a form or contact us directly.


Wednesday, May 15th 6:30 am – approx. 6:00 pm

Thursday, May 16th 6:30 am – approx. 6:00 pm

Friday, May 17th 6:30 am – approx. 6:00 pm

Saturday, May 18th 6:30 am – approx. 6:00 pm
8:00 pm – Awards Ceremony & Top 21 Draw*

Sunday, May 19th 8:00 am – Double Lift Final
10:30 am (approximately) – Presentation of Handlers
4:00-5:00 pm – Double Lift Awards Ceremony

*subject to change

Handler Notes

Handler Entry Guidelines

2024 Handler Entry Guidelines

Handlers entered in the 2024 Bluegrass Classic will be held accountable for knowledge of the “2024 Entry Guidelines and Trial Information”. Failure to read such is not defensible for failure to comply.

Entry Open Date: March 5, 2024

Classes Offered:
2 Open trials over 4 days; 130 dogs per trial; USBCHA Sanctioned
4 Nursery trials over 4 days; USBCHA Sanctioned
2 Open Ranch trials over 2 days
2 Pro Novice trials over 2 days
2 Novice/Novice trials over 2 days