2024 Bluegrass Classic

Dog Sponsorship

Bluegrass Classic SDT

Masterson Station Park
3051 Leestown Road, Lexington, KY 40511
May 15-19, 2024

Open Dog and Handler Sponsorship


Enhance your influence by joining our prestigious Dog Sponsorship Program at The Bluegrass Classic!

As we gear up for another outstanding year, we invite you to make an exclusive contribution to the lasting success of this distinctive sport. By sponsoring a dog-handler team, you become a crucial supporter of the profound bond between handler and canine, all while assisting us in managing the increasing costs associated with organizing these esteemed trials. Your sponsorship plays a vital role in ensuring the ongoing vitality of sheepdog trials and safeguarding the heritage and excellence of The Bluegrass Classic. Come alongside is in nurturing a tradition of excellence and gain recognition as a pivotal partner in the legacy of the distinguished event.

The Bluegrass Classic will be offering 130 Open dog sponsorships. Sponsoring a handler and dog team is a special way to be part of the competition and have a team to cheer on. Sponsors can meet their dog and handler after their runs. All sponsors will be announced on Friday-Sunday each time the sponsored dog runs. In addition, sponsors will be listed on the Website and in the Trial Program.

Sponsorships are available for $55-$75 each. Sponsors will be randomly assigned for $55, or sponsors may select a handler/dog team for $75. Assignments will begin when the Open accepted/wait lists are posted on or after April 1, 2023. One sponsor for each handler/dog team will be permitted. Please note that handlers have the discretion to change their Open dogs prior to the start of each class.

Sponsors will receive Sponsor Ball Caps for each team sponsored. Sponsors for the Top 21 teams in the Sunday Final will receive a special sponsor gift. These gifts will be available at the Awards Ceremony on Saturday evening, Sunday during the Final Round, or by mail.

Thank you for your consideration to participate in supporting the 2024 Bluegrass Classic!

All 2024 Bluegrass Teams Have Been Sponosred!