2024 Bluegrass Classic


Bluegrass Classic SDT

Masterson Station Park
3051 Leestown Road, Lexington, KY 40511
May 15-19, 2024

(Hosted by KBCA) 


New criteria for 2024:

  • Parking Permits will be required. Permits will be issued upon submission of the Camping Form. Please make sure to have (2 copies) of Permits at check-in.
  • No campers are allowed on the Masterson Station Park premises prior to 11:55am, Tuesday, May 14, 2024. No exceptions. Do NOT enter the Park or queue up prior to 11:55am. Do NOT arrive early.
  • Parking for staging is not permitted on the main roads of the Park (i.e. Ruffian Way or Shamrock Lane)
  • Staging and check-in will be located at 2 parking lots:
    1. Soccer fields parking lot on Ruffian Way
    2. Hunter ring parking lot on Shamrock Lane
  • If these parking lots reach capacity, campers will be required to vacate the Park until space is available. No parking on the main thoroughfares of the Park.
  • Camper Rentals – no drop offs are allowed. Handlers must accompany their camper driver prior to parking.
KBCA Board of Directors reserves the right to prohibit any individual from attending this event and to review special circumstances as they arise

** No arrivals other than trial organizers prior to NOON, TUESDAY MAY 14, 2024**
(All campers must vacate the park no later than Monday, May 20, 2024)

Masterson Station Park Overnight Camping,  Rules and Regulations

Overnight camping at Masterson Station Park is prohibited except where special permission is granted to a specific event by the Director or their designee. When permission is granted, the following rules and regulations will apply,

    • Generator quite hours are 10pm to 5am, unless required for medical reasons. No large, unmuffled or loud generators are permitted.
    • Camping shall be restricted to the designated area of the park identified by the event organizer.
    • All non-designated areas of the park shall close at
    • No more than two vehicles shall be allowed per lot to include recreational vehicles and trailers/campers.
    • Vehicles shall not block adjacent lots or roadways. Emergency access to each lot must be maintained at all
    • All-terrain vehicles or “4wheelers” are allowed within immediate vicinity of the Event.
    • A camper shall not deface or damage park property to include the grounds and
    • Pets shall be supervised at all times. Pet owners shall clean up after their pets at all times. All local ordinances and exclusions shall
    • Sewage or gray water from recreational vehicles shall not be disposed of on the premises of the park at any
    • Campers are prohibited from staking, digging, and trenching on park
    • Open flames are prohibited on park
    • Fireworks are prohibited on park
    • Campers shall keep the site clean and dispose of all refuse in a trash
    • Alcohol is prohibited on park property without proper Alcohol shall not be permitted for overnight camping. All local ordinances shall apply.
    • Campers or their guests shall not engage in fighting, threatening or abusive language, lewd acts, or conduct that causes public inconvenience, annoyance, alarm, unreasonable noise, or is disturbing to park patrons or neig
    • Failure to comply with any rules or regulations may result in criminal charges, fines, eviction from park property, and/or refusal of camping rights for future events.